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“Returns would have been 5 times greater than the buy-and-hold strategy. Risk would have been reduced by more than half.”
– Pepperdine School of Business Study
Dear Reader,Imagine if you knew the exact day and time to buy in and out of the stock market.

Imagine being able to ride all the upswings and skip all the downswings.

Now imagine doing that for the rest of your life.

You’d have the money to do anything really… Take a jet to Hawaii on a whim… Buy a new luxury automobile every year… Purchase a vacation home on the water just because you can.

You probably don’t believe this could happen. But I’m here to tell you that it can – And I can prove it.

I call it Prime.

In short, Prime is an irregularity in the stock market that can increase returns as much as 300% to 600%, while dramatically reducing your risk.

Of course, by all rights, something like this shouldn’t exist…

Market analysts will tell you that nobody can beat the market. They’ll tell you that a monkey throwing darts at The Wall Street Journal is just as good as anyone else at picking stocks.

But I’ve seen the evidence. In fact I’ve lived it. And I can tell you they’re wrong.

You see… What I’m about to show you is so powerful, so game-changing, that you probably won’t invest the “regular way” ever again.

I know I don’t.

I’ve been using Prime in my own personal trading account for nearly a decade now. What I love about Prime is that there’s no “guessing” or “gambling.” I don’t hope that a stock goes up or that I “made the right call.”

Rather, I know going in with some certainty exactly how much I’m about to make on any given trade.

Today, I want to show you how you can do the same.

Of course, once you know the secret behind Prime, there’s a good chance you’ll no longer need to subscribe to a newsletter or get guidance from a financial adviser.

My publishers think you might even cancel your subscriptions to our publications because you no longer need them.

But I’m willing to take that risk for one reason and one reason only:

It’s our job to give you the best possible investment research in the business. And I’ve never experienced anything as good as this.

Over the past seven years, I’ve spent countless hours tracking, testing, and fine-tuning what I call “The Prime System.” I’ve looked for any way possible to prove it couldn’t work.

But after an exhaustive study, I just can’t find any holes in this system.

For example, I recently back-tested “The Prime System” on the stock, Aeropostale. Between 2002 and 2013, Aeropostale did fairly decently. $20,000 invested in 2002 would be worth $144,791 today.

Not bad.

But using “The Prime System,” without any options, tricks or gimmicks, that same $20,000 would have turned into $621,264.That’s nearly five times more money. And with far less risk.

Another example is Kodiak Oil and Gas.

If you bought and held Kodiak since it went public in 2006, $20,000 would have turned into about $47,000. However, using “The Prime System,” that $20,000 would have jumped to $109,485 – an increase to your profit of 231%. And again, you could do this while cutting your risk in half.

This process… Multiplying your market returns three to six-fold – while taking on less risk – can be done on literally dozens of stocks.

It even works on stocks that are going down. From 2007 to 2013, the company, ValueClick, dropped 11.5%. But using “The Prime System,” you would have made 444% over the same period.

This simple technique will absolutely change everything about the way you look at the stock market. And I’m not the only one who’s proven it…

The Pepperdine School of Business did a 38-year in-depth back-study of this market irregularity. Its conclusion…

“Returns would have been five times greater than the buy-and-hold strategy. Risk would have been reduced by more than half.”

An investigation into this anomaly by the The Fiscal Times led it to conclude that it “generated the greatest average annual return for investors since 2000.”

In my many years in the markets, I’ve never seen anything so effortless… so simple… so stacked in your favor… It’s all but impossible not to make money using it.

And that’s why I sent this message today.

Not only will I show you step-by-step how to use “The Prime System”… I’m actually going to give you a specific recommendation during this message that you can use to make a good chunk of money every year going forward.

So let me get right to the point…

You’ll Never Invest the
“Regular Way” Ever Again…

My name is Matthew Carr.

I’m the Emerging Trends Editor at The Oxford Club.

If you’ve followed our work over the years, you know that we don’t like to take risks when it comes to our research.

We recommend a strict asset allocation model that’s proven to outperform just about everyone in both bull and bear markets. We recommend companies, not based on what’s hot right now, but rather what’s going to be the most successful long-term.

If a company is bringing on millions of new customers, increasing market share, growing revenue and earnings quarter after quarter, then that’s the type of company we want at The Oxford Club.

World-beating, profit-generating businesses have the best track record of growing your wealth like clockwork year after year.

Take Clorox (NYSE: CLX), for example.

Since 1982, the world-famous detergent company has increased its dividend a total of 27 times. It’s gone from two cents in 1982 to 64 cents today.

During that time, the company hasn’t missed a dividend payment once. And if you reinvested those dividends, the total return over 30 years would have been 13,498% – enough to turn $10,000 into $1.4 million.

Obviously, buying and holding companies like Clorox is a great strategy for building long-term wealth.

However, the only problem is… The bulk of those gains come in the later years after the initial investment has had a chance to compound many times.

What if you don’t have 30 years to wait for your investment to pay off? What if you need your retirement to grow right now?

And that’s what I want to show you today. It’s a very different investment strategy that is even more conservative than “buy and hold”… But can still deliver many times the return of the market.

Essentially, this strategy lets you…

  1. Make three to six times the average market return – with yearly gains as high as 150% or more.
  2. Cut your risk in half.

In other words, this is perhaps the best of both worlds… You can collect all the big gains associated with high-reward investments like penny stocks or call options… But you do it while taking less risk than buying ordinary shares of blue chips like Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) or Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO).

Up until now, I’ve never fully revealed how to profit from this type of trade. For one thing, it works best with a small group of people. If everyone knew about this market anomaly, then it wouldn’t give us such a big advantage.

Keeping that in mind, I ask that you keep what I’m about to show you confidential.

You see… For the first time ever, I’ve set up a special alert system that will help guide a small group of people interested in taking advantage of this situation.

It’s called Emerging Trends Trader.

I call it this because it takes countless hours of testing and studying market trends before these opportunities start to emerge and become visible to the human eye.

You have to do the work or you can’t see what’s going on.

In short, what this strategy does is let you know the “prime” moment to buy into certain stocks. And the exact day and time to sell. You own them while they’re going up and sell them before they go back down.

Of course, I realize everything you’ve ever been told about the stock market would lead you to believe that’s impossible. But if you’ll follow the evidence, I can show you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it works.

In fact, I’ve already allowed a few people to see “The Prime System” strategy for free, and comment on what they thought.

Mark Patterson was astonished at the simplicity and power of “Prime.” “How can you afford to give this valuable info for free?” he asked.

Another commenter, John Franks, says the strategy is “backed up by sound stats. It’ll help me a lot in my trading.”

And commenter David Walters concluded this new way to make money in the stock market “will be very helpful in the future.”

If you join me when I take this service public in the days ahead, I can promise you at least 20 opportunities that could increase your returns by 300% to 600% on very conservative and safe plays in the markets.

Again, I should emphasize, once you understand how “Prime” works, you’ll probably never invest the normal way ever again. You may even tell me to take a hike because you don’t need any financial recommendations anymore.

I certainly hope you won’t do that. But it’s a possibility I’m willing to accept in giving you this information.

In my experience, there has never been an easier and simpler way to grow your wealth many times over in a very short period of time.

But before I show you just how this works, there’s one thing I need to ask of you…

Please DO NOT Share This With Anyone

Because of the nature of this market irregularity, it is extremely important that only a very small group of people know about it.

So I have to ask you to please keep it to yourself.

This technique works best only if it’s kept within a very small number of people. That’s why I’m strictly limiting this invitation to you and a few others.

Once we get the ball rolling, I’m sure you’ll understand why. Using this safe and conservative strategy, just a few hundred dollars can quickly turn into tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I’m sure people will notice the change in your lifestyle. And the pleasant mood you always seem to be in.

But again, please do not share this technique with anyone.

Now, having gotten that out of the way, here’s what’s going on…

How “Prime” Works…

An interesting aspect of “The Prime System” is that it can work in the same stocks year after year.

And I’m going to give you one of them right now. You can actually use it if you like. Over the last 10 years, using “The Prime System” on this stock would have handed you an average gain of 47.03% each year.

It involves the company Aeropostale, which I mentioned earlier. (NYSE: ARO)

Now it’s important to note: Just buying this stock won’t do anything spectacular for you. It has a nice average gain over the past decade but nothing to write home about.

So how can you make 47.03% per year on a stock that’s only going up a fraction of that amount?

Let me explain…

To understand what’s going on here, you need to know a little bit about Aeropostale’s business.

You may have seen teenagers wearing its t-shirts or walked by one of its stores in the mall. It’s a clothing chain much like Abercrombie & Fitch or Gap.

There’s nothing particularly great about this company, in my opinion.

But there is one very special thing that makes it ideal for “The Prime System.”

Take a look at its revenue chart to see what I’m talking about…Notice the big spikes in the third and fourth quarter of each year? They happen every year like clockwork.

This is what I refer to as a “prime-profit period.” It’s a completely predictable moment each year for an individual stock when you know revenues are likely to spike.

For Aeropostale, the “prime-profit period” begins exactly on Oct. 1 and lasts until Apr. 30 each year. It lasts beyond the fourth quarter because, after positive results come in, the stock continues to move up for several months until first quarter results come out.

It probably doesn’t surprise you to see this characteristic in a stock like Aeropostale. Everybody knows that retail stocks do better after the third and fourth quarters.

And you would think that Wall Street would already price these expected revenue jumps into the price of the stock.

But amazingly, you’d be dead wrong.

Take a look at this chart. It shows the change in share price for Aeropostale during the “prime-profit period” compared with the rest of the year. The left column is the performance of the stock between Oct. 1 and Apr. 30. And the right column is the gain after April 30th until the end of September: the non-prime period.

  Prime-Profit Period
(Oct. 1-April 30)
2002-03 157.14% 50.19%
2003-04 22.62% 16.44%
2004-05 6.36% -23.94%
2005-06 43.06% -5.71%
2006-07 43.22% -30.52%
2007-08 70.14% 0.47%
2008-09 5.52% 29.96%
2009-10 0.93% -20.51%
2010-11 8.41% -57.82%
2011-12 112.91% -38.94%
2012-13 2.43% (So far) N/A
Average Yearly Gain 47.03% -8.04%

As you can see, the performance during these specific months is dramatically better than during the rest of the year. The prime period has a 100% win-rate.

In 2003, for example, Aeropostale jumped 157% during the prime-period, more than triple the 50% gain for the rest of the year.

In 2007, the stock increased 43% during its prime months, while dropping 30% during the non-prime period.

In total, over 10 years, Aeropostale’s stock climbed an average of 47% per year during the prime periods… and fell 8% annually during non-prime.

If you had simply bought Aeropostale’s stock back in 2002 and held it, you would have turned $10,000 into $72,395.

That’s pretty good.

But… If you had ONLY purchased Aeropostale’s stock during the “prime-profit period,” Oct. 1st through Apr. 30th, every year for the last ten years, your gains would have increased dramatically.

Over that period, you would have gained 3,006% – turning $10,000 into a massive $310,632.

You’ve increased your total return in this case by just under a factor of five. AND, you’re exposed to less risk because you only had to own the stock for half the year. Plus, you held the stock only during periods when the company regularly produced great financial results.

It’s crazy to think that mainstream investors and Wall Street gurus have missed this. But year after year, they do.

Human beings just can’t help themselves. When they see sales dropping, they panic and sell. And then when sales jump, even if it’s expected, they can’t help but push the price back up.

I think we’ve been conditioned by Wall Street to just assume that everything is priced into the stock. After all, how many times have you heard a financial professional trot out the old “nobody beats the market” mantra.

In my opinion, they do it simply so that they don’t have to use their brains to figure out real ways to beat the market.

Because the thing is, there are literally dozens of opportunities like Aeropostale… stocks that, like clockwork, rise during specific periods during the year.

This is the best way to make the largest possible gains each year in the stock market.

Let me give you another example…

It’s Not Just Retail…

So I’ve just given you one example that you can use in real-time. Year after year, Aeropostale crushes the market from Oct. 1 through Apr. 30. Go ahead and check the data. Look it up on Yahoo! Finance. You’ll find that I’m absolutely right.

It’s gone up every year for 10 straight years during that period.

But that’s just one of many examples that can make you a ton of money throughout the year.

You see… A lot of people know about the selling months in retail stocks. It’s fairly common knowledge. But not many people realize that there are “prime-profit periods” for nearly every industry on Wall Street.

In fact, I first discovered “The Prime System” long before I joined The Oxford Club, when I worked in the oil and gas industry.

At the time, I worked with some of the smartest guys in the business. The company I worked for was owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world. These guys were simply the best of the best.

They taught me the nuts and bolts of the industry, including the natural waves that oil and gas companies would ride during certain periods. Those guys knew exactly when sales would go up and when they would go down.

And soon, I knew those patterns by heart as well. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the stocks followed the exact same patterns.

Take Kodiak Oil and Gas (NYSE: KOG) for example.

Over the last six years, the stock has risen just over 130%. That’s good enough to turn $10,000 into $23,500.

But being an oil and gas insider, I knew something very important about Kodiak Oil and Gas. And that is that it tends to make its biggest announcements regarding earnings, new gas exploration, the opening of wells, etc. during one particular one-month period.

That big news would hit Wall Street and presto! During that one particular month, the stock always seemed to fly upward.

All told, the stock has averaged a 40.88% return during this one-month period each year since it began trading publicly.

It’s averaged a measly 0.8% return per month for the rest of the year.Over six years, collecting the return on that one “prime period” would have turned $10,000 into $54,850 – a total return of 449%.That’s three and a half times more money than the 130% buy-and-hold would have given you.

And yet you only had to hold the stock for one month out of each year. The rest of the year, you could sit back and collect on tax-free municipal bonds if you wanted.

That’s why your risk is so much lower using “The Prime System” than with regular investing.

You’re in the markets for less time and yet your returns can be exponentially larger.

Market analysts will tell you that this is impossible. They’d like you to believe that everyone is acting on the same information all the time.

But that’s simply not true.

If you take the time to do the research, as I have, you can find dozens of opportunities to make money in companies most investors know nothing about.

Let me show you what I mean…

Proven to Work on Dozens of Stocks

Now you’ve seen a few examples of how this works…

But that’s just a small sampling.

There are about 60 or so of these situations that are absolutely reliable year after year.

For example, Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (Nasdaq: MGIC)

MGIC has gone up an average of 48.71% during its “prime period” over the last 10 years. It’s dropped on average 1.46% for the rest of the year.

Century Aluminum Company (Nasdaq: CENX) goes up 33.01% on average during its “prime period” each year. It’s gained just 2.98% per year the remaining months.

Elan Corporation (NYSE: ELN) rose a solid 27.8% per year over the last 10 years. However, during its “prime period,” it’s jumped 70.87% per year – a more than three-fold increase.

I started tracking H&E Equipment Services (Nadaq: HEES) four years ago. Since then, it’s jumped 89.7% per year during its prime period. By comparison, if you had bought and held HEES over the same four years, you would have gained just 19.75% each year – four times less.

Of course, I could go on and on showing you these examples, but I think you get the point.

And I want you to take note of a couple things here.

First, these are not everyday stocks that you see mentioned regularly in The Wall Street Journal. While they are profitable and financially strong firms, they are still basically no-name companies.

That’s essential to why this works.

The only times these companies get press and widespread publicity is when earnings shoot up during these specific periods.

And that’s why the stocks always seem to increase right on cue.

But because they don’t get any coverage the rest of the year, nobody seems to notice these patterns.

That’s why, as long as we keep this information limited to our group, we can take advantage of these anomalies year after year.

In short, that’s what I will do with Emerging Trends Trader.

The great thing about this concept is that it works in a bunch of different industries. And the opportunities happen all throughout the year.

This allows us to jump from one to another, collecting 47% here… 70% there… 33% here…

And believe me, these gains add up quick.

In short, with this service, I have created a scheduled plan for the year. I’ll inform you of the exact days to buy in to each position and the exact days to buy out.

For example, my first “prime” recommendation is just hitting its “prime profit period” right now. It’s a company that’s gone up every single year during this time since I began tracking it. And the company has beaten the market by a remarkable 21-to-one ratio during its prime period.

But I’m looking at several other companies about to enter their “prime periods” in the days ahead. In fact, two of them have just started. These companies have beaten the market by 104% and 755% on average during their “prime periods.”

There are also a couple more in both May and June that I am looking at right now.

The point is… There are lots of these situations throughout the year that you can take advantage of over and over again.

And the beauty of this is that there’s no guess work. Everything is pre-determined based on the specific, proven “prime periods” for each stock.

You know exactly how long you’ll hold the stock going in and what your expected gain will be.

I’ll give you more details on my upcoming recommendation in just a moment.

But first, let me show you another reason “The Prime System” is far and away the best approach to the stock market that I’ve seen…

It Works Even When Stocks Drop…

A lot of people are nervous about getting back into the stock market right now… especially with all the uncertainty involving Washington, the Fed and so on.

That stuff doesn’t bother me at all. Since I use “The Prime System” with my own personal money, I don’t worry in the least about the ups and downs of the market.

And one of the things I absolutely love about this system is that it can make you money even when stocks fall.

ValueClick (Nasdaq: VCLK) is a great example.

Not many people realize that there are “prime-profit periods” related to online advertising sales, but there are.

A company like ValueClick sees a huge spike in revenue each year during a specific period when online activity suddenly skyrockets.

Of course, I’m not going to give you the exact dates when this happens. My publishers insist I don’t give away too much here.

But during its specific “prime periods” between 2006 and the end of 2012, ValueClick would have turned $10,000 into $54,429 – a return of 444%. Over those same six years, if you held the stock the whole time, you would have actually lost 11.5%!

Abercrombie and Fitch (NYSE: ANF) is another good example.

In 2007, at the market peak, it traded for $74. Today it trades for around $48. That’s a 35% loss over six years. BUT… If you had only purchased it’s stock during the “prime periods” each year until the end of 2012, you would have ended up with a 104% gain instead.

Ultra Petroleum Corp. (NYSE: UPL) has dropped a shocking 63% since 2007. But amazingly, during its “prime periods,” it still increased by 50%.

And that’s what makes this strategy so game-changing… and less risky… than anything you’ve likely done before. By only buying during periods when earnings are proven to jump, you end up skipping the periods when the stock goes down.

It even worked during the financial crisis in 2008.

During that market collapse, the S&P dropped 38.47%. But my “Prime System” recommendations gained 6.09%.

Of course 6% isn’t out of this world, but wouldn’t you have taken that in 2008?

Bottom line: This system has proven over and over again to deliver returns many times higher than the S&P, while drastically cutting risk.

And I’m not the only one who’s proven this…

The Pepperdine School of Business
Proves This System Works…

In 2009, Dr. Marshall Nickles and Dr. Ray Valadez of the Pepperdine School of Business completed an in-depth study on the “Prime” concept.

Basically, they took 38 years’ worth of stock market data and then tested traditional “buy and hold” over that period versus buying stocks only during “prime-profit periods.”

They found “a significant difference between the favorable period and unfavorable period.”

According to Dr. Nickles and Dr. Valadez, the “prime-profit periods’” returns “would have been five times greater than the buy-and-hold strategy. Risk would have been reduced by more than half.”

Another study using historical data from Investech Research went even further. It went back 52 years.

But this time, instead of comparing buy-and-hold against “Prime,” it instead compared “Prime” versus the non-Prime months of the year.

The results were even more dramatic.

This chart shows the difference between an investor who only bought during “prime periods”… and one who bought only during the remaining months…The prime-only investor turned $10,000 into $438,967. The non-prime investor made just $22,659. That’s a near 40-fold difference.

A third study by The Fiscal Times found that buying during “prime-profit periods” “generated the greatest average annual return for investors since 2000.

Obviously, there is a lot of evidence out there proving that this works. But – and here’s what is important to recognize – you have to know the best “prime periods” for each individual company.

That means knowing exactly when to buy in… and knowing which companies have the best long-term track record of jumping during specific periods… And it means creating a plan to move from position to position throughout the year.

And that’s exactly how I can help you.

As I’ve shown you, I’ve uncovered dozens of the very best opportunities to take advantage of this.

With my Emerging Trends Trader service, I’ll give you each company as it comes along throughout the year… setting you up to lock in gain after gain.

But there is one important thing I should mention…

Your first opportunity to take advantage of this is starting right now…

That means you need to be prepared to act quickly.

Let me tell you all about it…

Your First Emerging Trends Trader
Recommendation Is Available Right Now

The first Emerging Trends Trader recommendation involves a medical device company. Its “prime period” is beginning right now.

The fourth quarter for this company is usually rather slow. That keeps the price nice and cheap for us. But when the first quarter hits (the best quarter for this company), the stock every year seems to make a big jump from its fourth quarter lull.

This is a great opportunity for us because we can buy shares on the cheap before the big run-up.

Since 2007, when I began tracking it, this particular “Prime” trade has been successful every single year. In 2008, for example, this company soared 91.78% in a couple months, while the S&P dropped 12.72% over the same period.

All told, this particular play has beaten the S&P by an average of 21-to-one during its “prime periods.”

That’s one of the best track records I’ve seen.

I consider this one a very safe play, which is why I’ve decided to make it your first recommendation as part of Emerging Trends Trader.

I figure the best way to start you off is with a nice easy gain, one that’s proven to beat the S&P year after year.

From there, I’ll be sending you each new “Prime” play as it comes along. There will be approximately two each month, so you can roll from one to the next… building up your returns as you go along.

It’s easy. It’s straightforward. And it makes you a lot of money very quickly.

So by now, you’re probably ready to get started. Here’s how you can do that…

Get Started in the Next 10 Minutes…

We’ve just completed a detailed, step-by-step report on the first move you should make as part of “The Prime System.”

Remember, this play has a historical track record of beating the S&P 21-fold in the months following the start of its “prime period.”

If you’re interested in collecting on this situation right now, just let me know, and I’ll send you my full report right away.

I suggest you read it carefully. I’ll tell you the exact minute you should buy. And the moment when to get out. This will help you maximize your return on this trade and then be ready to move into the next one.

As of now, there are at least 60 of these anomalies in the market, happening at different times throughout the year. I look for those with at least a track record of tripling the market during their prime-selling seasons. So you can go from one to the next and then to the next, collecting 33%, 47%, 70%… all year long.

It’s important that I help guide you along the way. I’ll show you each situation as it comes in weekly email alerts. Tell you the days to get in. What the track record of each play is. In other words, I’ll give you all the tools needed to increase your returns by 300% to 600%, (or better) while cutting your risk in half.

So how much does my service cost?

I’ve Arranged a Special Deal for You…

My publishers aren’t exactly pleased about this service. They’re worried that, once our readers start using this strategy, they won’t need our research anymore.

And really, they’re right. Using this strategy, I truly believe you won’t need another way to make money ever again.

It’s a proven, time-tested way to make more money than anyone else, while taking on far less risk.

All you have to know is what day and time to buy in. And when to buy out.

The important thing to know is that, while some companies have a decent short-term track record of jumping during specific periods, it’s the ones with a long-term track record that are safest for us.

I’m talking about ones that have a 10-year history of increasing by 40%+ over specific periods.

With my research, you’ll know exactly which ones are safest and most profitable.

Companies like Aeropostale… the one I mentioned earlier. It’s jumped an average of 47.03% during its “prime-profit period” for 10 straight years. And the stock has never once gone down during the “prime period.”

Or Elan Corporation… That company has a 10-year trend average of increasing 70.87% during its one specific “prime period” for the past 10 years.

The beauty of this strategy is that you only own these companies when sales and profits are rising. So the system is extremely safe and risk-averse. But at the same time, because this isn’t buy-and-hold, you are free to go from one to the next, multiplying your gains exponentially.

Once you learn the secret to “The Prime System,” you can do this over and over for the rest of your life.

In my email alerts, I’ll lay out every situation in an easy to follow form. I’ll tell you the company. Give you the specific long-term track record during its” prime-profit periods.” Tell you the exact date to buy in… and the exact date to buy out.

I’ll also give you details on the company and its financials. But to be honest, you probably won’t need them. I like to include them so you know the company is in strong financial shape, but like I’ve shown you in this message, buying during these pre-determined periods can actually hand you big gains even if the stocks are down over the rest of the year.

The point is… There will be no guesswork on your part.

It’s about as easy a strategy to follow as I can imagine.

The best part of all of this is that you won’t ever need to follow the markets again. You won’t have to get up in the morning, check the Dow, and see if your stocks are keeping up with the market. This strategy allows you to use a simple and proven concept to make money no matter what the broad markets are doing.

But now for some bad news…

I hope you realize that the information I’d like to share with you in this service is sensitive. After all, the more people that know about these market irregularities, the more people can take advantage… and the less money we all can make.

Because of that, (and because our subscribers may never end up needing our research again), my publishers want me to charge a very high price for membership in my service.

Think about it… If you have the opportunity to make 300% to 600% more than anyone else in the stock market, while experiencing less risk, you probably wouldn’t mind paying the $6,500 they’re suggesting for this service.

I actually think that would be quite fair.

Consider if you had invested just $500 in the Elan Corporation’s “prime-profit period” and rolled your winnings over each year for the past 10 years, you’d have $215,569 today.

That’s more than $21,000 per year.

And that’s just one of the moves. If you follow 10 of these each year, you could be pulling in far more.

Having said that, I don’t think $6,500 is the right price for this information. After all, I’d like to keep you on as a subscriber for many years. I don’t want you to sign up, get the information and then be on your way.

That’s why one full year of my Emerging Trends Trader costs just $2,500.

That’s $208 a month.

Think about it this way: With my service, I’m going to show you approximately two of these situations each month. If you were to invest say $5,000 in Aeropostale, which averages 47.8%, you’d likely end up with $2,390 in profits. That’s over 10 times what you pay monthly for the service in just one play.

If you did that on two stocks each month, your profits would be even higher. And once you start rolling from one trade to another, you could end up making so much from this that the service fee becomes a complete afterthought.

In other words, the service easily pays for itself if you are following the recommendations.

However, I want to make it even easier for you to join right now.

For a limited time, I’ve arranged to make this deal even better.

Special Offer for New Members

If you reply to this offer now, I’ll give you an extra 40% discount on your membership.

You’ll pay just $1,500 for an entire year of my Emerging Trends Trader.

It’s important that you realize we may never make this available so cheaply again.

And as always, our Oxford Club VIP satisfaction guarantee applies to this service. If you go ahead and become a new member today, you’ll have 90 days to try out Emerging Trends Trader for yourself. I’ll likely have given you at least six opportunities to profit using “Prime” by then. So you’ll know exactly how well it works.

And if, after that time, you don’t find that it’s the easiest and fastest way to achieve increased returns and less risk, then we’ll happily refund your membership fee, minus our 10% processing fee.

My publishers insisted I include the processing fee because they think, once you understand how this system works, you might simply quit the service and start doing it on your own.

Personally, I think you’ll be making so much money from this that the membership fee will seem like peanuts once you get going.

And I should remind you: the moment you decide to join today, I’ll immediately send you my first report regarding the stock that’s beat the S&P 21-to-one on average during its prime period.

You can receive the full details on this situation in the next 10 minutes if you like.

So let me sum everything up for you…

Everything You’ll Get

Here’s what you’ll receive as a new member of Emerging Trends Trader:

  • The Special Report on Your First Emerging Trends Trader Recommendation: Right now, one medical device stock is entering its “prime-profit period.” Since 2007, this stock has beaten the market 21-to-one during this time. Even in 2008, during the financial crisis, it jumped 91%, while the markets were down 12%. In addition, based on my research, this could be an even stronger boom period than usual. Company sales were very strong over the last few weeks, and we could be looking at a solid double over a very short period. My report will explain it all, including the exact buy and sell dates.
  • Approximately 24 Scheduled Recommendations Per Year: There are around 60 companies proven to work using “The Prime System.” Basically, I’ve created a year-round program with the 24 situations that exhibit the highest returns and lowest risk. Each month, I will give you approximately two recommendations including open and exit dates. I’ve set this up so you can seamlessly slip in and out of the recommendations and always hit each stock during its peak growth periods.
  • Weekly Updates on All Positions: It’s important that you keep an up-to-date calendar on each buy and sell date as you go along. When you make purchases with your broker, you’ll also want to have a predetermined exit date. But don’t worry; I’ll also maintain an easy to follow calendar and weekly updates that will make sure this is as simple and easy as possible for you.

As I’ve said throughout this presentation, there is a real chance that, after getting this information, you’ll never need financial advice ever again.

But I think you’ll agree it would be nice for somebody to keep you up-to-date and on track all along the way.

And the truly great aspect of all of this is that these recommendations don’t have to necessarily change from year to year. They’re proven to work for over a decade straight.

The amount of money you could generate will be staggering.

Just go ahead and sign up now… and I’ll rush you my first report right away so you can begin profiting almost immediately. After that, I’ll begin sending you my special weekly reports and we’ll be on our way. Sound good?

I hope you’re as excited about this opportunity as I am.

Best regards,

Matthew Carr
Emerging Trends Editor
The Oxford Club


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