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Milton Friedman – The Negative Income Tax | Liberty Pen


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Basic Income, a new human right | Basic Income Europe

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Universal Basic Income |

SOURCE: A UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME If you know someone who is unemployed, underemployed, or without job security, you may want to look into an idea whose time is coming: the idea of a universal basic income or UBI.  Polls … Continue reading

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Thinking Utopian: How about a universal basic income? | Washington Post

In light of the recent Oregon Medicaid study, several people have discussed the idea of taking parts of the social insurance system and replacing them with cash benefits. This naturally brings up the debate about whether it should be a … Continue reading

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7 Critical Economic Indicators | Money Morning

Everyone has a different opinion on how best to take the measure of the markets and the economy at large. Hairs standing up on end, a knee that aches with the weather, tea leaves, earnings estimates, the Hindenburg Omen – … Continue reading

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Investing on Corruption…The 1% Secret Money Trail | Money Map Press

SOURCE: Dear Reader, America’s 1%-ers have ways of making money that ordinary people don’t have. There’s the Wall Street insider who recently scored $7.5 million on municipal securities – a favor granted to him by a state gubernatorial candidate… … Continue reading

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Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch Use This System | Money Morning

So what do Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch have in common? Aside from being legendary investors, neither one of them has ever used technical analysis to dig up a market-beating stock pick. In a world bereft of charts, trend lines, … Continue reading

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