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Peter Shiff Predicts American Economic Collapse by 2015 | Money Map Press

Dear Reader, Speaker of the House John Boehner usually doesn’t vote on House bills himself… But he went out of his way to vote yes on this one… A “clean” bill to extend America’s debt to an unmitigated $17.3 Trillion… … Continue reading

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Free Money is no Longer the Stuff of Utopia | New Internationalist

For 40 years now I have been advocating for an unconditional Basic Income (BI) – a regular state payment to each citizen of the affluent societies, regardless of work status or household role, also called ‘Citizens Income’. During this time, … Continue reading

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Give Directly’s Breakthrough ‘Free Money’ Model Grows As Evidence Mounts | Forbes

Give Directly has an extremely simple model – find poor people and give them money. That’s it. It’s a radical idea which sometimes rubs people up the wrong way – a popular refrain is, won’t people just drink the money? … Continue reading

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Koch on Cronyism | AgainstCronyCapitalism

I include because he has some interesting things to say about crony capitalism and how it hurts our economy. For all the bad press this guy gets he’s the only high profile billionaire I know of who is actively calling … Continue reading

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