The Global Warming Debate: Why Both Sides Are Full of Horse Poop… | Walter I Baltzley

Anthroprogenic Global Warming (AGW), Global Warming, or Climate Change–no matter what you call it–has caused more division among intelligent people than  any religion.   The world seems polarized between two camps:  1) AGW Alarmists who believe we must take drastic, draconinan measures to prevent mass extinction due to a full global meltdown; and  2) Climate Change Deniers who believe the whole thing is a farce, and that we should fight energy alternatives because they are designed to strip people of their money and freedom.  –And I am here to say that both sides are full of HORSE POOP.

But, you might ask, “How can this be so?  We are talking about millions of people–experts, engineers, SCIENTISTS–on each side–surely one must be right!”

To which, I reply–NO…both sides are wrong…

“But they have FACTS…they can show maps and charts…DATA…to support their position–and the other guy is being funded by the opposition…”

True on both sides…but that is irrelevant…

“How can FACTS be irrelevant?”

You need to give me fifty bucks…


Because you asked a question, and questions end in question marks…question marks are expensive–so you owe me fifty bucks!

“That makes no sense”

Why not?

“For a lot of reasons…I don’t even know where to begin!”

You deny that sentences end in question marks?

“No…that’s not it…”

Then you deny asking me a question…?

“NO–I just don’t think I should have to PAY to ask a question…”

EXACTLY…My proposed course of action does not follow my facts…they are IRRELEVANT to whether or not you should pay me fifty dollars…

“I am not sure I understand…”

Both sides present the FACTS, but those facts do not support their proposed courses of action–Just because we are experiencing climate change does NOT mean we have to take drastic measures–and just because global warming does not exist does not mean we should not switch away from fossil fuels…

“What…so both sides are both right AND wrong…at the same time…that does not make any sense–one side has to be right and the other wrong…”

THAT is what politicians want us to think…they manufacture crises and take extreme positions to polarize  people and sell pre-packaged solutions that serve only to increase their own wealth or power…

“So what about Global Warming–is it real or not?  And what should we do about it?”

It is irrelevant whether or not Global Warming is real…

“How can you SAY that, of course it is RELEVANT–either it is going to kill us all or NOT–HOW is that NOT IMPORTANT?”

Because the industrial activities blamed for Global Warming are already changing–on their own, and at an exponential rate–for ECONOMIC reasons…

“What do you mean?”

Solar is a proven technology that is already cost-competitive with coal in some areas;  it is expected to halve in price by 2017, and then again every three to four years after that…

“But Solar is EXPENSIVE…don’t we need Carbon Taxes to level the playing field?”

NO–A Carbon Tax would actually increase the cost of Solar because it still takes a lot of ENERGY to make, ship, and install solar panels.  In addition, it would raise the cost of EVERYTHING else, making it harder for most people to switch

“So, we should just keep using Fossil Fuels…”

Again–NO–Solar is actually cheaper than Coal in most places, and getting CHEAPER…But all that cost comes UP FRONT.  What we could do is have the governments 1) Invest in medium and large scale solar projects, 2) Provide fixed-rate loans for smaller solar projects, or 3) Provide energy subsidies to solar manufacturers, haulers, and installers…We could even subsidize fossil fuels, but that is a whole other discussion…


NO But’s…Raising the Cost of Energy is BAD–bad for the economy, and bad for the environment–the only people who benefit are politicians.

Long, long  ago, back in the late 1890‘s the world faced a very similar “crisis”–The Great Horse manure Crisis.  Cities were becoming so crowded that they were having trouble keeping up with waste from all the horse-traffic.  It was predicted that by 1950 every major city would be buried in nine feet of HORSE POOP.  Obviously this did not happen (thanks to automobiles), but could you imagine what might have happened if the government decided to implement a “travel tax” to reduce “horse poop emissions”?  Or–what if they had decided that “alternative travel” (automobiles) were a waste of time and money.  The results would have been ridiculous and expensive.  It was horse-poop then, and it is horse-poop now…some things never change.

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