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Koch on Cronyism | AgainstCronyCapitalism

I include because he has some interesting things to say about crony capitalism and how it hurts our economy. For all the bad press this guy gets he’s the only high profile billionaire I know of who is actively calling … Continue reading

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Charlie Munger Reveals Secrets to Getting Rich | BBC

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Investing on Corruption…The 1% Secret Money Trail | Money Map Press

SOURCE: Dear Reader, America’s 1%-ers have ways of making money that ordinary people don’t have. There’s the Wall Street insider who recently scored $7.5 million on municipal securities – a favor granted to him by a state gubernatorial candidate… … Continue reading

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How Big Corporations Are Destroying the “Free Market” | MONEY MORNING

As an economist, I wince whenever I hear someone say that we live in a true free market. The reality is we live in a semi-free market where regulation stifles business and corporate money influences and distorts what would normally … Continue reading

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Has the Great Gold Crash Divorced Bullion from Futures Prices? | Money Morning

In mid-April, a black swan crash-landed on the gold market. Over just two trading days, gold futures prices shed 13%, falling from $1,575 to $1,375. That $200 cliff dive was the largest two-day drop in 33 years. Gold prices already … Continue reading

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Is JP Morgan Wall Street’s Worst Villan? | Money Morning

Wall Street’s Big Banks are hardly known for their good deeds, but JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) may be the worst of the lot. For a bank that used to be considered a model citizen among Wall Street institutions, the reversal … Continue reading

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Information Leak Reveals $32 TRILLION in Offshore Accounts | Money Morning

More than two million emails that shed light on the biggest tax dodge in history – trillions of dollars hidden in offshore accounts – have been uncovered by the British newspaper The Guardian and the Washington, D.C.-based International Consortium of … Continue reading

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