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1,600 Reasons to By Gold NOW | Money Morning

Gold fell by 28% in 2013. That’s a huge reversal of a decade-plus trend. Between 2001 and 2012, gold managed positive gains every single year, a track record unmatched by any major asset. The precious metal went from a low … Continue reading

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How to Profit from Gold Manipulation | Money Map Press

The truth behind what really crashed the bullion market… Why it’ll slingshot gold to $2,500 an ounce or more… And how it sets YOU up for optimum gains of up to 456% Dear Reader, People have been trading with gold … Continue reading

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Has the Great Gold Crash Divorced Bullion from Futures Prices? | Money Morning

In mid-April, a black swan crash-landed on the gold market. Over just two trading days, gold futures prices shed 13%, falling from $1,575 to $1,375. That $200 cliff dive was the largest two-day drop in 33 years. Gold prices already … Continue reading

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Has Sequestration Saved the US Economy? | Money Morning

There’s a Jamaican saying, “the higher the monkey climbs up the tree, the more his butt is exposed.” The point being that the more we rise, the more vulnerable we become. That has truly come to pass for a pair … Continue reading

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Five Factors That Will Push Silver to $250 an Ounce | Money Morning

All bull markets go through periods of consolidations and corrections. And precious metals are no exception. There has been plenty about gold’s swan dive, but less talk about silver. And at this point there’s more potential for silver than gold…significantly … Continue reading

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Once Gold Bottoms, We’re Looking at a Multi-Year Bull Market | Money Morning

Gold soared 650% from August 1999 to August 2011. But it’s down 24% from the $1,885 peak and in recent days has whipsawed gold investors in a way they haven’t experienced in 30 years. The bear market has gold bugs … Continue reading

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