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A Reasoned Discussion of Economics and the Nature of Money

This is the continuation of a conversation started on Facebook regarding how to handle the current economic recession, that evolved into a general discussion of economic theory and philosophy. Participants: Walter I Baltzley:  A Doctoral Student studying Information Technology at … Continue reading

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This Trick Allows State Banks To Create Debt-Free Money | Walter I Baltzley

States can use this one simple trick to turn the tables on the FED and make all the money they need to pay for their projects.  It takes the FED’s own trick and turns it around to replace their Debt … Continue reading

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The Pitchforks are Coming…For Us Plutocrats | Politico

You probably don’t know me, but like you I am one of those .01%ers, a proud and unapologetic capitalist. I have founded, co-founded and funded more than 30 companies across a range of industries—from itsy-bitsy ones like the night club … Continue reading

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Only Two Real Threats To US Dollar As The International Reserve Currency | Business Insider

The U.S. dollar is indisputably the world’s reserve currency. It comprises the majority (62%) of foreign exchange reserves held by central banks, with the euro a distant second, accounting for 24% of reserves. And despite concerns that the Federal Reserve’s … Continue reading

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The Relative Unimportance of Seigniorage | Library of Economics and Liberty

I start every 50-minute segment of my class with a 5-minute discussion in which the students can ask about or talk about anything as long as it is economics. I’ve been doing it since January 1993 and it has been … Continue reading

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Future Of The Dollar As World Reserve Currency | Forbes

The dollar’s role as the world’s primary reserve currency helps all of us Americans by keeping interest rates low. Foreign countries buy United States Treasury debt not just as an investment, but because dollar-denominated assets are the best way to … Continue reading

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Who Needs A Job Anyway | Walter I Baltzley

Going into the new year is a time for reflection and prediction.  We look back in order to look forward, and 2014 is shaping up to be an interesting year.  We are now entering year Six or Seven of the … Continue reading

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