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Universal Income Credit: Brief Overview | Walter I Baltzley

ABSTRACT This paper explains the basic principles of Universal Income—along with the benefits and risks associated with the program. It covers the social, economic, and political challenges of implementing Universal Income. KEYWORDS: Universal Income Credit, Macro-Economics, Demand-Pull Universal Income Credit: … Continue reading

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Universal Income Credit: Political Feasibility | Walter I Baltzley

ABSTRACT This paper discusses the political feasibility of implementing Universal Income. It explains how to overcome the challenge of partisan politics, and sell the bill to both Republicans and Democrats. It also explains how the push-pull between the two parties … Continue reading

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How Big Corporations Are Destroying the “Free Market” | MONEY MORNING

As an economist, I wince whenever I hear someone say that we live in a true free market. The reality is we live in a semi-free market where regulation stifles business and corporate money influences and distorts what would normally … Continue reading

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The Chained CPI Explained

When U.S. President Obama released his 2014 budget proposal last month, many Americans who paid attention to the details needed a measurement he used – “chained CPI” – explained. That’s because President Obama used chained CPI (consumer price index) to … Continue reading

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Monetary Fantasyland | Money Morning

David Stockman, who served as budget director under President Ronald Reagan, is taking aim at a favorite target: the U.S. Federal Reserve. Stockman minced no words in a Monday interview on FOX Business‘ “Varney & Co.” Speaking of the Fed, … Continue reading

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5 Biggest Lies bout Sequester Debate | Money Morning

In a hurricane of contradictions there has been no shortage of whoppers told during the sequester debate. Since political news is usually strategically written, placed and timed you can chalk it all up to politics as usual. Even seemingly off … Continue reading

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Has Sequestration Saved the US Economy? | Money Morning

There’s a Jamaican saying, “the higher the monkey climbs up the tree, the more his butt is exposed.” The point being that the more we rise, the more vulnerable we become. That has truly come to pass for a pair … Continue reading

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