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Pasadena Solar Initiative

Overview The Pasadena Solar Initiative generates revenue for the city by renting space for utilities to install solar panels on public buildings.  The City will allow utilities to install solar panels on suitable public building and sell the electricity to … Continue reading

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The Global Warming Debate: Why Both Sides Are Full of Horse Poop… | Walter I Baltzley

Anthroprogenic Global Warming (AGW), Global Warming, or Climate Change–no matter what you call it–has caused more division among intelligent people than  any religion.   The world seems polarized between two camps:  1) AGW Alarmists who believe we must take drastic, draconinan … Continue reading

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This Crazy Idea Will KILL Big Oil And Stop Global Warming in its Tracks | Walter I Baltzley

Ok, everybody likes to argue about global warming–whether its real, whether its really as bad as people think, and especially what to do about it…Lots of ideas have been proposed, from drilling bans, to carbon taxes, to geo-engineering.  But there … Continue reading

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The Future of Capitalism: The End is Near, But is That Such a Bad Thing? | Walter I Baltzley

Throughout time, people have made some dire predictions concerning the future of capitalism and how things might turn out. Karl Marx believed that Capitalism would end in bloody revolt as the gap between workers and their employers widened to the … Continue reading

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The Midas Touch: How States Can Make Money, Create Jobs and Get Out of Debt | Walter I Baltzley

If you are like me, then you are probably worried about the economy. In the media, everybody talks about “recovery”– but in reality we all know the economy SUCKS. Unemployment — REAL Unemployment — is at an all-time high, and … Continue reading

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12 Jobs on the Brink: Will They Evolve or go Extinct? |

Once upon a time good employees updated their job skills and advanced to the next career level with the regularity of Mario questing for Princess Peach. But then technology proliferated, and the well-read encyclopedia salesman, savvy VCR repairman and worldly … Continue reading

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Comparing Global Unemployment Statistics 2007/2012 | Smart Planet

New numbers from the International Labor Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development show a troubling jobs trend: the world’s most prosperous countries are still having a hard time creating jobs. It’s been six years since the financial … Continue reading

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